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Peel Village


Born and raised with two brothers on Ferndale Crescent in Peel Village, I cannot have imagined a better place to grow up. Alongside beautiful schools and parks, mature trees and private lots, a wide variety of  top notch sports and recreation, Peel Village is a place where families can enjoy a true sense of community and children can form the lifelong friendships that allow them to excel.  It’s the place where my friends grew up into professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, teachers, firefighters, and even Hollywood stars.  It’s the place where even after 35 years my father and the parents of many of my closest friends still call home.

Having grown up in Peel Village and, since then, sold houses all across the GTA, I appreciate the unique value and importance of such a wonderful family neighbourhood.  Now, I want to bring the knowledge and experience I have gained and apply it with passion to the neighbourhood that is truly my home.

Over the past ten years in real estate I have been involved in every aspect of the business.  I’ve sold million dollar condos, houses, cottages and investment properties in locations like Brampton, Toronto, Burlington, Bolton, Thornhill, Mississauga, Guelph, and Rice Lake.  I’ve even learned build and renovate a house myself working shoulder to shoulder with carpenters, roofers, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, and architects.  At this stage in my career I feel like I am at my strongest,  which is why it is most important for me to return home to Peel Village where I can help my friends, family, and long time neighbours to drive prices up and achieve all of their real estate goals.


My mission is clear: To raise the profile of Peel Village to a level that reflects its true value.

I aim to represent the residents of Peel Village as if they were members of my own family.  I intend to drive prices up!  I know that a neighborhood of this high caliber, heritage, and tradition has a limited supply and with my experience and help from my team, I know I can connect Peel Village home owners with likeminded buyers who also recognize its value.  This goes for absolutely every home, whether renovated or not.  My goal is to push the price ceiling for your Peel Village home and establish a lasting real estate relationship with you that you’re proud to tell your friends and family about!


The keys to my real estate success are experience and a talented, reliable team.

Every house enters the market with its own sense of character and in same cases, a few challengers as well.  My experience recognizing and handling these challenges, and the reliable team of experts I have around me, makes every real estate opportunity a success story in the making.

Whether your home could use a little work  or a lot, I know what kind of decisions you’ll need to make to prepare your house for sale and the best course of action you can take in order to achieve the highest sale price in any budget.

Having built and overseen several full home renovations in the GTA, I’ve developed working relationships with contractors who consistently perform quality work and can handle any job.  I’ve also accumulated a list of contacts for appliances, hardwood, tile, cabinets, light fixtures, plumbing supplies, and more with massive discounts that I make available to my clients.

When it comes time to launch your listing onto the market, I have professional floor plans drafted so buyers have a complete package of information.  My photographer and virtual tour team not only produce photographs that are works of art, but they include internet analytics how many pictures have been viewed online, which ones, and from which of the over 20 websites where you’ll find my listings.  I also work closely alongside my stager who has over 20 years of experience and is a true professional.

Last, the brokerage I work with has established itself as one of the industry leaders in technology and web-based marketing, implementing an approach that syndicates your listing onto multiple websites, including Google pay-by-click advertisements.  Sage Real Estate recognises the importance of the modern buyer and has developed several strategies that will bring your home the absolute most exposure.  Please visit: for further information.

For a walk down memory lane check out this original price list for Peel Village – Original Price List 

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