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Styles and Trends:

Have you been thinking about renovations? It’s difficult sometimes to make those tough choices that ultimately make or break all of your efforts. What type of bathtub to get for your new bathroom? What type to get if your home is a Victorian? What if it’s a Tudor style? What are the Jones’s doing? Having successfully re-built several homes in Toronto as well as viewing literally hundreds homes and condos each year I have a current knowledge of what’s successful and a wealth of experience to share with you!
I will be writing blogs about everything to do with home renovations including: tips for dealing with contractors, where to shop, what to buy, and how much it should cost. In fact I will be filming a short documentary on how to successfully obtain permits, tear down, build, finish, and sell a single family victorian in the Annex neighbourhood of Toronto. Follow me on Twitter for more on that and stay tuned for my “Styles and Trends” postings!

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